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3CX VOIP Phone for Windows

Free VOIP / SIP phone. Use your PC as a phone. Works with any SIP / VOIP provider/ phone service. Use instead of the soft phone provided by your VOIP provider which locks you into their VOIP phone service. Easy to use interface to transfer, forward calls

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Information and reviews about VoIP phone service, targeted at both businesses and consumers. Helping people select the right VoIP service.


3CX Phone FREE VoIP Phone  v.4.0

Free VOIP / SIP phone (softphone) for Windows.

3CXPhone FREE VoIP Phone for Windows

Free VOIP / SIP phone (softphone) for Windows. Use your PC as a phone. Works with popular VOIP providers and SIP PBX's (including 3CX Phone System). The interface is easy to use and similar to that of popular Smartphones. 3CXPhone is compact and easy to

Collanos Phone Windows

Collanos Phone is a software-only Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone and a multi-protocol instant messenger combined in one application. The main features include placing audio & video calls and sending instant messages to existing Jabber, MSN,

Vbuzzer Messenger

VoIP service software for pc to phone voice calls, mobile voip calls, web calls, and click to call from browser. VoIP service also include US & Canada phone numbers, local phone plans, long distance and international calling plans. In additon to pc to

Zfone  v.0.92 Build 218

Zfone is a VoIP phone program to help you keep in touch with your friends. Zfone is a new secure VoIP phone program product which lets you make encrypted phone calls over the Internet. Its principal designer is Phil Zimmermann, the creator of PGP,

KSADHamaal  v.

With KSADhamaal, make calls to anywhere around the world with one of the lowest rates in town! A residential VoIP phone service provider like ITP can help you save hundred to thousands of dollars on your monthly residential phone bill.

MyKryptofon-Win  v.4.0

myKryptofon is a secure VoIP phone, utilizing AES-256 encryption. myKryptofon runs on Windows PCs and Windows Mobile 5/6 smart phones. It is the only multi-platform communications system on the market today that secures your voice calls,

Remote Dial for Snom Phones  v.

Initiate phone calls from a PC on a Snom VOIP phone. Remote Dial for Snom VOIP Phones enables you to initiate phonecalls from your PC on your Snom VOIP Phone (1xx, 2xx, 3xx,

SkypeMate  v.

SkypeMate is a software driver that allows some USB phones to work with Skype.

OpenVPP  v.0.4alpha

Open Voip Phone Provisioning - web interface to automatize VoIP phones configuration file generation and provisioning.

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